Hedge — A Greater Safety Net for the Entrepreneurial Age by Nicolas Colin
Hedge — A Greater Safety Net for the Entrepreneurial Age by Nicolas Colin

Hedge — A Greater Safety Net for the Entrepreneurial Age by Nicolas Colin

Part 1 — The Ticking Clock

  1. The Tech Backlash
    1. Do Middle class workers dream of tech companies?
    2. Big chances missed in the tech world
    3. The shifting balance of international power
  2. Technology and Institutional Change
    1. Modern History is a succession of paradigm shifts
    2. Different days, similar problems
    3. How we once built the Great Safety Net 1.0
  3. Stuck in the Dark Ages
    1. The Western middle class's never-ending crisis
    2. How the Dark Ages shifted risks onto individuals
    3. Making the West Great Again

Part 2 — The Entrepreneurial Age (Cf. Nivi's article)

4. Entrepreneurs and the new corporate world

  1. A brief history of science and entrepreneurship
  2. From Personal computing to continuous innovation
  3. Entrepreneurs are here to stay

5. Behind Entrepreneurs: The Multitude

  1. How customers rose as the main force in the corporate contract
  2. Production and consumption are increasingly blurred
  3. What's a tech company anyway

6. Consumer Power: The Modern-Day Janus

  1. We're all undergoing the "Wal-Mart Effect"
  2. Instability is the new normal
  3. Getting from Great to Greater

Part 3 — The Collapse of the Cathedrals

7. The Safety Net in an Open World

  1. Software is opening the world
  2. The thalassocracies
  3. A more open world calls for greater economic security

8. From the Old the the New Working Class

  1. The old working class has been behind
  2. The new factory floor
  3. The problem with proximity services (Cf. Europe is a Developing Economy from European Straits)

9. The Lost Art of the State Intervention

  1. The state as the solution to many problems
  2. How bureaucracy reached the point of irrelevance
  3. Reviving the state

Part 4 — A Greater Safety Net

10. Always Be Rebounding

  1. Education is no longer the magic bullet
  2. Occupational licensing for amateurs
  3. Affordable housing for hunters and settlers

11. Institutions for Hunters

  1. A new breed of consumer finance
  2. Dealing a new hand in insurance
  3. We should all be taxed like Donald Trump

12. A Hedge for the Networked Individual

  1. The corporate world in retreat
  2. The new frontier in collective bargaining
  3. The equation for creating good jobs

Conclusion — Basic Income isn't Enough