#2: Anirudh Pai on Aging, Charter Cities, China and Utopias
#2: Anirudh Pai on Aging, Charter Cities, China and Utopias

#2: Anirudh Pai on Aging, Charter Cities, China and Utopias

🎙 Introduction

My guest today is Anirudh Pai. Anirudh is co-founder of the Conservative Curious podcast and creator of the Dreams of Electric Sheep newsletter.

Anirudh is extremely knowledgeable about the challenges of our time, he is one of the smartest people I met. His newsletter is one of the best out there, covering topics like aging, charter cities, geopolitics, China, space exploration, and much more!

  • We start the conversation with Aging and Longevity, discussing the recent progress in the field.
  • Then we talk about charter cities, and how better institutions could help society progress more and faster.
  • After that, we cover the question of utopias, why they're important for society, and why we need new ones.
  • Then, we talk about the current geopolitical context, and how we should view China.
  • We finish the conversation talking about Anirudh's favorite books recently and his writing process.

Please, enjoy my conversation with Anirudh Pai!

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💬 Topics we Discuss

  • Aging & longevity
    • The new research in the field, and will COVID be the 'iPhone moment' for life extension?
    • What can we do to make things happen faster? Where is the bottleneck?
    • How can we make people aware of it, and care about it?
    • Are we doing the best with the new technologies we already have. Where are we on that front? How could we do better?
    • Apple as a Health company.
  • Charter Cities:
    • The importance of better institutions, and why we should focus on creating new ones?
    • Where is the best place to start a new city? (The question of Africa).
  • Geopolitics:
    • The question of China
    • How to deal with China today (Cf. Anirudh's pieces on Hollywood, and Exporting Tyranny)
    • The place of the West.
    • The fact that we need a new 'American Dream' for the West
  • Utopias:
    • Why we need them
    • How to create better ones
    • Cf. Anirudh's piece: Reviving Utopia
  • The crypto movement
  • Space Exploration:
    • Why we need a space ecosystem
    • The future of Space Exploration
  • Anirudh's book recommendation 👇

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