The Long Game Podcast with Mehdi Yacoubi
The Long Game Podcast with Mehdi Yacoubi

The Long Game Podcast with Mehdi Yacoubi

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Welcome to The Long Game Podcast — a podcast that dives deep into the challenges of our time, and how to make the future better.

The potential of our civilization is boundless, and with the right approach and the right knowledge, we will create a much better future.

I started writing a newsletter called The Long Game, and after a few months, I realized that to really go deep on specific topics, long-form conversations with brilliant minds are the best way to cover a topic.

📡 What is The Long Game Podcast

The purpose of The Long Game Podcast is to catalyze progress and innovation to make our future better.

The episodes feature long-form conversations with tech industry leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers. Some guests will be well known, others obscure, but they all share a profound similarity, they have demonstrated unusual insight and see today's challenges with a unique lens.

The Long Game Podcast is a deep dive into the challenges of our time, and the ideas, technologies, and businesses that will help overcome them.


🎧 Episodes

#1: Nicolas Colin on Making Europe Great Again
#2: Anirudh Pai on Aging, Charter Cities, China and Utopias
#3: Robert Miller on Bio Meets Crypto, Kierkegaard, and Health Optimization
#4: Arnaud Castaignet on Estonian e-Residency, Digital Societies and the Future of Governance
#5: Paul Kohlhaas on Decentralizing Research Funding and the Future of Science
#6: Mark Lutter on the State of Charter Cities and the Future of American Governance
#7: Joey Krug on the Present and Future of Prediction Markets
#8: Vedica Kant on Reliance, Jio and the Indian Tech Ecosystem
#9: Samuel Gil on the Spanish Tech Ecosystem, Finding Great Founders and Longevity
#10: Brennen Hodge on the US Healthcare System and How to Fix it
#11: Mwiya Musokotwane on Building the Future of Africa, Charter Cities, Innovation and Institutions
#12: Patri Friedman on Competitive Governance and Technology

More Coming Soon!

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👤 About Me

I'm a French Moroccan entrepreneur living in Europe. I'm the co-founder of Lifetizr — a product to help people optimize their blood glucose levels for better health and longevity. I'm passionate about health optimization, longevity, and overcoming the main challenges of our time.

I'm very curious and I love meeting new people, feel free to DM me on Twitter.

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